Yup. Two years after abandoning this blog, I realised WordPress charged me 200bucks automatically to renew this domain, so I should really make use of this space to say things that people don’t want to listen to on Instagram or Facebook.

Long story short, WE GOT ANOTHER LAB!

Basically, I’ve been looking at too many Labrador videos on instagram that my suggest page just slowly got filled up with Labrador puppies wearing hats (of course we ended up buying those hats). I started forwarding these cute puppy posts to Cody and one day I popped the question,” Hey… Do you think we’re ready for another dog?”

He said no.
Then he said if you decided to do it, don’t tell me.

I already knew where I wanted to get another lab from. I have known that place for years, casually browsing what kind of puppies they’ve got and finally I know it’s time. They had a litter of chocolate pups and I just couldn’t resist. I sent them an email first but heard nothing back. Then I went further and found their facebook and private messaged them. They finally replied but all the puppies were already taken. I thought maybe it wasn’t meant to be, but one day I got an email from the breeder and someone dropped out. I paid deposit before asking Cody and that’s the story of HOW WE GOT LARRY.

The first time holding Larry!
Larry wasn’t very photogenic in this photo.

I went down to Dunedin to pick Larry up myself that day because Cody had to work. I was very nervous because I didn’t know how I was going to handle a 8 week old puppy in the car while driving for 3 hours.

Larry started crying/whimpering once we got out of the driveway. I took the doggie sofa from home and he kept wanting to climb out of it. I had to keep feeding him kibbles to shut him up. I was scared that he’s going to wee in the car so I kept stopping every hour or so to let him have a piss. But we finally made it home.


First time meeting my little brother!

The first week was a nightmare, I forgot how much work is taking care of a puppy! I’ll leave that for the next post!

Edel xx


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