We’re finally here in New Zealand!


Photo 26-5-17, 1 52 48 pm

New Zealand wasn’t far away from Sydney at all. But it was just the tedious paper work of getting a work visa that took ages. Out of everything, I think getting Jessie and Zani’s transport organised was actually the easiest part. We used Dogtainers who were very helpful throughout the process. It costs quite a bit but having them here with us was so worth it.


New Zealand is so beautiful….. and bloody cold.

In the morning, it can easily get down to -2 degrees and the car could get all frost up. BUT IT’S NOT EVEN WINTER YETTTTT! So when I have to get up early in the morning for work, while Cody and the dogs will still be snoozing in bed.

Photo 20-5-17, 9 14 05 pm.jpg
“Mom, you can go to work and I’ll just be here waiting for you to come back”-Jessie

Once, Jessie was sleeping on the bed by herself until noon. She’s truly a pig.

Despite the cold weather, Jessie and Zani still love to go for a swim. We had been to several beautiful tracks around Canterbury. Back in Sydney, we would have to drive for at least an hour to get to such tracks but this is just literally a few minutes away from where we live.

Photo 3-5-17, 1 29 08 pm
They love chasing each other in the bushes.
Photo 7-5-17, 2 00 17 pm
Jessie’s very good at fetching.
Don’t they look like two bears fighting by the river?

Here’s a nice Autumn photo for you. We live 5 minutes to the biggest park in town and it’s now full of yellow Autumn leaves! Cody and I tried to bring them jogging with us on the weekend, but we are way too slow for them.

Processed with VSCO with c7 preset

Starting over again…..

Coming to a place where you literally don’t know anyone is quite scary. Cody got on the plane this morning and the first day of being truly alone in this foreign land wasn’t easy. The whole day I’ve been thinking about meeting new friends or organising after-work activities to keep myself occupied. But the moment I got home and saw Jessie and Zani wagging their tails so excitedly at me, I know I can do this.

They made me feel like they will always be here for me. Their sweet, innocent and gentle soul never cease to touch me. Jessie and Zani really kept me going, despite all the ups and downs in life.

Can’t wait for skiing season to come and Jessie and Zani can finally play in the snow for the first time!!


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