10 things We LOVE about our lab


My little Jessie

Jessie’s like a kinder surprise for me. She does things out of the blue. She makes me smile just by thinking about her. It’s hard to choose 10 things that we love her the most. I was on a long-distance call with Cody thinking about what we should put and we ended up laughing about all the silly things she’ve done.

  1. She’s a sleeping beauty/koala (>20hours/day)
    Beautiful shot by Anita

    She sleeps like a pig. And she snores too.

    When we first got her, we thought she’s just a pup that’s why she’s always tired. She’ll grow out of it.

    Processed with VSCO with c2 preset
    Sleeping on the car between the front seats

    Nope… we were wrong. She just loves to sleep. Once I was driving Jessie and Zani down to Albury from Sydney(about 5 hours drive). Jessie slept for the WHOLE trip.

    It kinda grew into a viscous cycle cos whenever I wake Cody up, he’ll be like Jessie’s still sleeping. And Jessie won’t wake up until he moves. It’s a waiting game….

    My very talented artwork describing these two

    And every time when I asked Cody to send me a photo of Jessie, it’s always of them sleeping together on the couch or on bed. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  2. AHHHH…Those EARS!
    Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset
    Ollie and Jessie fighting on bed 

    There’s a thing about a lab’s ears. They are comforting. (No I’m not crazy) Feel it next time if you don’t believe me. I stroke it when I’m stress, followed by sniffing her paws but that’s another story.

    And every dog just loves to bite her ear at the park. No wonder it keeps getting bigger.

  3. She’s not picky about food
    Those sad eyes

    Who am I kidding….she’s a lab. When we are having dinner on the couch, the food will be on the coffee table. And she knows that we won’t give her leftovers. So she will sit on the couch really close to the edge of the coffee table and starts sniffing.

    That drool gotta be longer than 30cm long

    Once my friends and I were making dumplings. Jessie just sat there for the whole time…and drooled. Poor thing.

    Sometimes, when we are evil, we wave some cheese in front of her nose while she’s sleeping and see how long it takes for her to wake up. Her reaction is gold. I’ll try to find a video later.

  4. She’s not the brightest dog out there
    Well people say the chocolate ones are not that fast…and people are right. Compare to Zani (our border collie), she’s always a bit slow. But that’s what makes her so adorable!! But it’s bad when Jessie and Zani works together. Zani, the top dog, jumped up to the kitchen table once to knock down the rubbish bin(we already tried to avoid it from happening), then Jessie would help eat anything from there.

    Well, how do you tell if who did it. Obviously Zani cos Jessie wouldn’t have figured it out. But who’s guilty….I SNIFF THEIR MOUTH. And I’m telling you, it works every time because it’s so obvious. If I smell whatever leftovers were there, they both get in trouble. (Things ranges from leftovers to coffee in the car) Once we found a condom in someone’s shit.

  5. BUT she pretends to be dumb sometimes
    At the back of the car

    Back when Cody got a new car, we said no, this time we are not letting them sit in the passengers seat(I let them do it in my car and all my friends know my car is crap). But it gets a bit stuffy at the back and Jessie loves her aircon.

    So she learnt a trick.

    TA-DAAAA I made it! Umm..no..I’m here cos you suck at driving.

    They like to rest their hands on the seats so they can peek. And one day, the car in front of us stopped so suddenly that Jessie fell into the back seats. Now every time when we tries to stop, she PRETENDS to be falling over and then get into the back. WHAT  A CHEEKY GIRL.

    Kids hate their seat-beats 
  6. She’s a cool cat.
    Processed with VSCO with k2 preset
    Sundaysomewhere, Jessie’s favourite pair of sunnies

    She’s like one of those cool kids in school. She doesn’t care about the world. She doesn’t have to impress you. She just does her own thing.

    BOLD.I respect that.

  7. Never whinges never cry
    Swollen face Jessie at the vet

    Once Cody came home to a puffed face. We thought she might have eaten some tomato stems. She was so calm the entire time and didn’t cry at all. She’s a tough one.

  8. She’s a peacemaker
    Double-trouble, Jessie with her friend,Lexy

    Jessie’s super friendly. She never got into a fight with any dogs. When Zani chases after other dogs at the park (rounding up), she would keep an eye on her and if Zani gets mean, Jessie will grab her neck and tell her off(gently).

  9. She loves Zani ..secretly…
    Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
    The day after they both got speyed

    Zani bullies Jessie in a playful way. At first Jessie was a bit annoyed, but now she would fight back and play with her. We try to teach Jessie to fight back by holding her hands and paws Zani. Now Jessie does it all the time. Zani would be standing on the ground and Jessie would start pawing her while standing on bed.
    Just a little bit of self defence.

    Cody’s so unfit to catch up to Jessie

    I think this applies to every dog. But there’s not once that she wouldn’t be meet us at the door when we come home. She always wag her tail when we call Jessie or fatty. She loves it when I dance with her playing “Shake it off”. She sits next to me quietly when she knows I’m upset.

    Jessie is such a sweet girl. She’s always here for us and she doesn’t ask for anything back(Jessie: some food would be nice). There’s so many things that we can learn from her. Perhaps there’s nothing better than spending more time with her to thank her. Because to us, she’s perfect. And we love her.

Go home today and give your fur babies a big kiss!


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