Blackwattle Bay: Hidden gem in the city

Handsome Ollie when he’s still a baby (our friend’s dog,aka Jessie’s boyfriend)
Oh dear Blackwattle Bay, I think this might be the place that they had their first bay swim. When Cody was doing his 5th year rotations at the uni vet hospital, we would drop him off in the morning and come to this bay for a swim and a walk before heading back home.

Good things about this park:
– Great swimming spots for the dogs (The water is quite polluted so I suggest to hose them down when you get home)
– Heaps of other dogs to play with
– It’s close to the city but still very pretty and peaceful
– You can also go jogging or biking, or lay on the lawn for a few hours like me


Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 11.59.40 PM.png
Parking spot (grey circle)
I usually like to park on Chapman Road in Annadale, where there are plenty of parking spots there.

Swimming with other doggies
And right in front of you, you’ll see a tiny beach next to the dock where I usually let them have a little swim first. It’s quite shallow so you can go in as well if you want.

Best buddies, Jessie & Ollie 
Then we’ll keep walking along the Rozelle Bay, you’ll reach Blackwattle bay. It is such a nice walk especially on a day with clear blue skies as you can see Anzac Bridge from there. You just got to be careful as it changes to a on-leash path along the way.

“Can we go back into the water again please?”–Jessie
One thing about the park is that there are quite a lot of people jogging and riding their bikes there. Zani(our border collie) is quite sensitive to fast moving things, and as a herding dog she likes to chase and tries to round them up. So we normally put her on leash.

**Breakfast point:
I like to make sure I feed myself well every time I go out.
Sadly I think the Blackwattle Cafe is now closed. But I have a even better suggestion!

This cafe is called “In the Annex” on Ross St. It’s right next to sydney uni and less than 5 minutes drive from the park. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! And the people there are just lovely. I like to sit outside with the pups and have brekkie before heading off to the park.

Fritters with poached eggs …How can you say no to that!!!!

And of course they want some 

These two just casually pashing on the street. Where are your manners!

You should all check out Blackwattle Bay Park even you don’t have dogs. Because it’s just a great spot to chill on the weekends. And you get to play with all the cute doggies you see there too!!

Or just go to the cafe.






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