That day …I felt like I was Leonardo DiCaprio


I am an ordinary-looking Asian guy living in a western country. I was always invisible to the attractive women. BUT THE DAY THAT WE GOT JESSIE, THE TABLES HAVE TURNED.

After we picked Jessie up on the first day, we went to a nearby pet store to get some dog food and toys. I was holding Jessie in my arms walking along the street and I realised the rumors are right: Puppies do give you power. 

Every girl on the street was eyeing me. They would even approach me and asked me if they could pat Jessie. It took me almost 10 minutes to walk down one street. I felt like a celebrity walking down the red carpet.

My advice to the men out there…. is to get a puppy.
(Oh..and of course it wouldn’t work if you are walking with your girlfriend)


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