A lab and a border collie…Are you insane?

This was not our plan.

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[First day of having Jessie at home:8 weeks old]

My boyfriend and I got Jessie that weekend right before our 4th year final veterinary exam. And guess what? We both flunked it.

Then a week after Jessie, our housemate decided to get Ollie. And these two love birds have been inseparable ever since.

[Jessie-the lab and Ollie-the rough ollie]

To anyone that don’t know… the final year of vet school is tough. Not only that you work over-time all the time, you don’t get paid[One year of international vet school fee is about $50000AUD].  We had to do 10 months of placement all over the country, or even overseas. So the responses when we told our friends that we got a lab were not great…
“What? How are you going to manage?”
“Are you going to bring Jessie everywhere you go?”
“Who’s keeping Jessie?”
“Oh…what if you two split up?”
“Why not wait till you graduate, it’s only a year away”

We never answered those questions, or I think we didn’t even know the answers.

But we never regret about getting Jessie, because she’s the most beautiful, kind-hearted soul that we have ever met.

Final year finally started and we had to move out of our house, which means Jessie and Olli e had to separate. We still remember that whole day she would just sit by the door, waiting for him to come back. She was heart-broken.

[This was the photo my boyfriend sent me. He said she’s been sleeping all day since Ollie left.]

I came home that night and I told him,” Hey…. um… do you think….maybe we can….” He looked at me and the next thing I know, we were up all night looking at puppies online.

Less than a week after Ollie left, we found the one. She’s a 4 month old border collie that her Breeder kept for another client but they bailed due to expensive overseas shipping fee.

Her name is Zani.


To be honest, it was not love at first sight for me. But Cody was in love and we both wanted another dog, so we got Zani.

Zani is probably the cutest dog I have ever seen(bias but who isn’t) and she knows. She uses it to her advantage and often act cuter if she gets into any trouble. After all, border collie’s one of the smartest dog.

It’s almost a year after now….I think I can answer those questions.

“Do you regret getting two dogs in your final vet school year?”

“How did you manage to take care of two puppies while travelling all around Australia?”
Very hard work.
We each moved for at least 5 times in the past 12 months.  No matter how far away we are, we try to see each other in the weekends. We often drive 12 hours in total in the weekend just to see each other and the pups.
You also need awesome friends that could help you pet sit for some days.
But we were very lucky because as long as Jessie and Zani have each other, they were quite happy and low-maintenance.

“Are you crazy getting two high-maintenance dogs?”
Actually no. I never had two dogs at once but having two dogs is actually the best decision. They keep each other company and I have never experience that but they do learn from each other. Maybe one thing, it gets quite hectic during shower time. It’s always a two person job but other than that 2 is great.

OH YES. And we passed. We are both vets now and going to fly them both to New Zealand for next chapter of life.
-Cody & Edel

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